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Combination therapies

One size does not fit all and similarly not all treatments suit every person.

At IJL I constantly update and expand the treatments that I am able to offer, in order to help more clients to gain a successful outcome from their sessions with me.

Many people ask if they need to book separately for different therapies such as cupping or needling. The answer is no. All you need to do, is book a time slot of your choice and whatever treatment I think is best for you, I will offer to carry out with your consent and agreement.

As a qualified Reiki master, a request I often receive is to finish off a session with some Reiki, which I am always happy to do as it can help clients relax following a treatment. Energy healing can also be used in conjunction with physical treatments to remarkable effect. This is something I have done on several occasions, when it was clear that there may be both an emotional and physiological aspect to a persons soft tissue dysfunction. Sedating an energy meridian or clearing a particular Chakra can help to relax the nervous system and allow a client to tolerate physical treatment to soft tissue, where previously the pain or discomfort level was too high. Many other combinations also work. Needles and cups are a very popular combination, as are sticks and stones for heat and stretch work. Spinal and hip manipulations and mobilisation can often be further complimented with PNF stretching and massage to increase range of motion and reduce pain and stiffness. Muscle stimulation via TENS or Electro-needling can be extremely effective for reducing muscular and joint pain.

If I think something will work and you are willing to give it a try, I will use every skill set I have to help with whatever your problem may be. No need to worry about what treatment you will need at the time of booking, as this will all be discussed and agreed during your assessment and at every subsequent appointment. Just book the time slot you require from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. All I require is that you book at least one hour for your first appointment.

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