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Raising standards in the industry.

It's quite shocking to me, the number of places offering sports massage that just isn't sports massage. As a passionate therapist and member of both the Federation of holistic therapists and the Sports Therapist Association I believe there is a need to raise the standards for true sports massage.

I've been for a couple of 'treatments' myself recently which despite being advertised as sports massage, have basically been Swedish type massage with faster or deeper strokes (sometimes there is no difference at all!). No assessment offered, no special testing or even basic range of movement assessment carried out despite mentioning areas of tightness or potential dysfunction. These are the basics of any sports massage therapy. How can anyone claim to offer treatment for a condition that they haven't assessed or tried to determine the cause. Even a basic postural assessment - looking at how a client stands in a natural position, can give clues to areas requiring treatment, yet isn't carried out in many so called sports massage appointments.

Any client booking in with IJL sports massage therapy is guaranteed a full assessment with a keen, knowledgeable eye and listening ear, with ensuing treatment based on the outcome. Even a basic maintenance massage requires thought and planning.

The following is an extract from a client feedback for myself and is consistent with what I have recently experienced elsewhere:

"I feel like you're the first person to listen to what's wrong. Usually go in and say X,Y and Z is bad, they tick a few boxes then do the exact same massage as they did 30 seconds ago to someone else".

Rest assured no two massages with me are the same as your requirements will be different every time. My high standards are there to ensure your rehabilitation is carried out with care and in a timely and professional manner. Book in today, with confidence!

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